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Watching 28 Up with my trip coming to a close, I’m thinking of all the films I’ve enjoyed and endured over the last 5 weeks.  So here’s a list, top to bottom, ranked by my enjoyment of each movie at the time of viewing, with completely pointless editorial comments…


1. You Me and Dupree (2nd time, Mississippi).  This film opened for us like a flower in bloom, and we took in its deep, sweet musk, and smiled.

2. Knocked Up (2nd time, Cincinnati).  I love all the beard insults.

3. *batteries not included (Berkeley).  I wrote about this a few posts ago.  Everyone should see this.

4. Junior (Berkeley).  I still can’t believe this was made, and I really can’t believe he’s the governor of the fifth largest economy in the world.  The musical montage that shows Schwarzenegger, in drag, at the maternity home, doing lamaz and picking flowers may be the greatest 1:51 ever captured on celluloid.  In a Seattle free weeky (The Stranger, I think), there’s a cover piece about male pregnancy, I couldn’t tell if it was serious or an elaborate joke.

5. Killer of Sheep (Minneapolis).  This movie is really too good and complex to say anything brief about.  It’s the kind of film I wish was made more often, advancing a political message without sacrificing artistic depth and quality.

6. The Valley of the Giants (San Francisco).  I wrote about this a few posts ago, reminded me how good silent films are and how different they are from the boring image we have of them.

7. 10.5 (Mississippi).  Disaster movies, even really cheap, poorly made ones, are always worth watching.

8. Paycheck (Berkeley).  Definitely superior in concept (thanks to Philip K. Dick) than execution, but still worth the price od admission (which, for me, was $0.00).  Affleck is surprisingly mediocre, too.

9. High School Confidential (Arizona).  I ordered this from Netflix after reading Nick Tosches literary biography of Jerry Lee Lewis.  I thought it would be a Lewis vehicle akin to an Elvis clam bake, but he just sings a half-song (“High School Confidential”) at the beginning and then disappears.  Just a bizarre film.  The late-50s hipster lingo is so thick that it’s often difficult to figure out what’s going on, but when you do it’s a little surprising: The new kid in town so determined to ingratiate himself and sell drugs is actually A NARC!  Yes, it’s a film openly lionizing an undercover police officer.  A weird cultural artifact.

10. You Me and Dupree (1st time, Chicago).  Intriguing, but puzzling when you expect a normal movie.

11. Jesus Camp (Santa Fe).  Wanted to see this for a long time, a film about evangelical summer camps for children.  Bizarre and terrifying.

12. 28 Up (Seattle).  The fourth of the series, following a dozen (more or less) British kids as they grow up and grow old.  Fascinating, especially in the emphasis on class, which might not be the same if the kids and filmmakers were American.

14. Ocean’s 13 (Cincinnati).  Eh.  Hopefully Oceans 19 will be better.

15. Maciste (San Francisco).  I wrote about this recently also.  Silent film stars could do some amazing things.

16. You Me and Dupree (3rd time, Austin).  Overkill.

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  1. the fact that you watched you me and dupree three times makes me worry about you almost as much as your eating habits do. I saw a box of cherry cordials today and i thought of you…

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