All Up in the Bay

So, the blog’s been on a little bit of a hiatus while I am pit-stopping here in the Bay, seeing friends in Berkeley and San Francisco. I guess the only “exciting,” newsworthy thing I can think of is a historic viewing of *batteries not included, the 80s movie about flying robotic helpers who save a building from being demolished to make way for a high-rise building AND create a true community across ages and ethnicities founded in their resistance. This is a legitimately amazing movie that I see as a parable for opposition to 80s big business and Reaganism, but also critiques the lack of organic resistance, since it’s only with the mysterious, Godlike robots that the neighbors are able to hold off the wrecking ball. You needs to see this, whoever you is.


Also, right afterward, an episode of 1987’s Rodney Dangerfield Presents — I’m a big fan of Mr. Dangerfield’s work. In fact, now that I think of it, I was in a white-trash themed bar in San Francisco last Saturday that was projecting Back to School on the wall! Anyhow: Andrew Dice Clay was as funny as he was offensive. And another guy, who I believe was named Robert Schimmel, who started off with the best opening line I’ve ever heard: “It’s not good to fuck your pets… It breaks their will.”

Monday I take off for Seattle, and then I will start writing again.

Until then, I’ll post a song that’s been a Song of the Fortnight, Ridin’ in My Car by NRBQ. See sidebar.

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  1. cameron owes ME a recap of the all-star game.

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