All Star Sunday

This year my brother and I will be attending the All Star Game at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park in San Francisco, thus fulfilling yet another of my lifelong baseball dreams. Today was All Star Sunday, which consists of the Futures Game, featuring the top prospects in the game in a USA vs. the World matchup. As if in revenge for our outrageous foreign policy, today the World team destroyed the US team, despite the prescence of several top prospects on the US team. This victory included a strong showing by several Venezuelans and an MVP performance by a guy from China, who, because he was representing the Dodgers was mercilessly booed by the local fans despite the fact that he didn’t seem to have any understanding of why.

The real excitement of All Star Sunday is the annual Legends & Celebrity Softball game. There were many highlights. Nearly every former major leaguer went yard, including two home runs by local favorite Rollie Fingers. There was a strong showing by Desperate Housewives’ James Denton and a game saving catch by Kenny Mayne. A Jerry Rice home run was followed by a massive “Jerry! Jerry!” chant by the crowd. Myself, my brother, Drew, and Matthew were all excited by the listing of Dennis “Big Knock Pedro Cerrano” Haysbert in the program, recalling his brilliant portrayal of the voodoo home run hitter in all three (yes, even the third) Major League films.

Dennis Haysbert as Pedro Cerrano

We even made a bet as to how many home runs he would hit during the game (my money was on 1), however, with no announcement, he did not appear. Also noticably absent was megastar John Fugelsang, whose comedic stylings could have really spiced up the between inning dialogue of Jeff Garlin and Alyssa Milano. Overall, despite the lack of Haysbert and Fugelsang, a fine event. Of particular note, the San Francisco fans continued their classy showing, as, while Alyssa Milano was interviewing reigning Miss USA Rachel Smith (both pictured below), a guy behind us in the bleachers repeatedly screamed: “KISS!!” and capped it off with “I’d still take Alyssa Milano.”

Alyssa MilanoRachel Smith

Also, a note: This voyage has been marked with viewings of You, Me and Dupree, which I caught the final moments of again this morning. While this film is by no means of any level of quality (not even in a “so bad its good way”), its absurdity demands a viewing if only for the “There’s the sugar” scene, and the, admittedly homophobic, but very versatile, “Poetry??, What a homo!” line by Matt Dillon. So, view with an eye towards the proper level of appreciation.

Cameron, Fellow Traveler

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  1. was haysbert perhaps afraid someone would throw him a curveball? because I hear straight ball he hit very good, but curveball, bats are afraid.

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