I am sitting in a coffee shop that’s at the former site of the Mesaluna restaurant, where Nicole Brown Simpson ate right before OJ murdered — I mean killed — her.

Yesterday we went to the Skywalk, over the Grand Canyon. A glass half-circle that extends over the West Grand Canyon, built by a Native American tribe. In March it was inaugurated by none other than Buzz Aldrin. We could have died, but we didn’t. This is what it looks like:


It was us and hundreds of Japanese tourists. It was a cultural experience. It was Americana. It was America.

They don’t let you take pictures on the Skywalk, other than the lame-o expensive ones they take themselves, so we tried to do it on the sly. On the down-low. Since my nice camera broke I’ve been using an awful one that we got for $10 at a Walgreens, but it worked to our advantage, since it has no metal parts and made it through the metal detector. But even so, there were security guards galor on the walk themselves. Here are our best attempts at personal photos, kinda reminds me of a Cold War spy series.

This is the walk to the Skywalk:


This is the floor of the Skywalk. It’s glass! They make you wear shower caps on your feet to protect the glass:


Cameron taking a picture of me “tying my shoe” on the skywalk floor. Very stealthy:


The best shot we got. Not very good. You can see Cameron’s reflection:


As you can tell, tourist traps like the Grand Canyon are all about capturing that Kodak moment — or creating an image so that in ten years someone else (or you yourself) will imagine that there was a Kodak moment. In this spirit, the Song of the Day is one that we didn’t actually listen to: People Take Pictures of Each Other, by The Kinks.  See sidebar.

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